An Orange Abstract

orange abstract I usually take photographs when I am out doing things and going places, but I forget to consider the everyday objects in my home. Last week was different. My husband and I have been cleaning out our garage, and we uncovered some long forgotten treasures.

Among the discoveries were several boxes filled with paintings that my mom did when I was a child. I knew that we had them in storage, but I hadn’t actually looked at them in years. I remembered them to be amateurish and what you might expect from someone who painted as a hobby.

As I pulled them out of the boxes, I was astonished by the quality of Mom’s work. I decided to take a picture of each one in order to create a digital gallery that could be shared with my sister. I also realized that I might find a painting that could represent orange, the SDAWP Photo Voices color of the week.

As I framed each painting in my viewfinder and focused on the details, the vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and complex textures came alive for me. I could imagine Mom standing at her easel as she layered on the paint.

Even though many of the paintings had hung in my childhood home, I don’t think I ever really saw them before. As I took the photographs, I was finally able to see the artistry of her work. Painting was more than a hobby to her, and I know that now.

The orange abstract that I posted on Instagram will not go back into the basement. I will hang it proudly, and it will serve as a reminder to pay attention to the ordinary (and extraordinary) things in my life and all around me. 

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