Abandoned Yellow Bucket

beach bucket
As I contemplate my week with yellow, the abandoned beach bucket stands out for many reasons. Of course, I am proud that Litterati noticed my photograph and made it their pic of the day on their Facebook and Google+ pages.

But beyond that recognition, I am intrigued by the idea that photos published through Instagram can move people to take action. Through the Litterati cause, over 13,000 pieces of trash have been thrown away after being photographed and posted in their Digital Landfill.

I will continue my participation with Litterati and plan to connect it with SDAWP Photo Voices whenever possible, but I also wonder how we can start an Instagram movement that could go beyond what we are already doing with photography as teachers.

What can educators contribute to our own “digital landfill” to document the need for social justice? I certainly can’t photograph the crowded homes (and garages) our students live in, and I can’t photograph their hungry bellies, distracting them from class work.

What photograph could I ever take to help make a difference for them?

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